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VocabularyPhonicsFirst 307 words

These are the sounds of the alphabets used when teaching reading by phonics.

Alphabet Sound Eg.
a ah apple
b bh butter
c ch cat
d dh duck
e eh egg
f fff fat
g gh girl
h hhh house
i ih igloo
j jh jump
k kh kiss
l ulh lemon
m mmm mum
n nnn no
o aw hot
p ph ph (not pah)
q quh queen not quoh
r rrr rabbit
s sss snake
t tuh table (not th or ta)
u uh up
v vvvv violin
w wh watch
x ks ending of fox, box
y yh yoyo
z zzz zebra
Click here for the video of the list of phonics sounds.